Serverless Amsterdam Hackfest 2018

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Intro to serverless hackfest

In February 2018 together with Lukasz Przerada we participated in Serverless Amsterdam Hackfest organized by Microsoft.

A majority of people don’t know where is a difference between hackfest and openhack.
Hackfest is an event where every team come with a genuine business case. Each team is supported by one/few experts from Microsoft during an entire event.
Openhack is a different one: your team gets challenges (with different difficulty) and you have to face them without guides. Of course you can ask Microsoft’s experts for help.

I have to say that it was one of the best IT event I have ever attended. But let’s start from the beginning…


Because of limited time (Łukasz had to be at work on Friday) and a fund, we decided to go to Netherlands by car. A lot of people were surprised (it’s about 1000 km between Wroclaw and Amsterdam). It turned out that together we could deal with it easily.

From Wroclaw to Amsterdam

First day

After we had hit De Hallen Studio’s where hackfest was located (btw. really nice place) it turned out that we were the sole team from Poland. After that we met our new teammates from Microsoft. We were lucky because we got Dariusz Porowski (@DariuszPorowski) and Arthur Erlendsson (Software Developer from Redmond).

Before work, Jeff Hollan(@jeffhollan) gave us an introductory talk about serverless and how everyone can benefit from it. The biggest impact on me had a part where he made a solution based on IoT and serverless within 10 minutes!

Jeff Hollan

Later, we could focus on our work. We held a brainstorm within our team and we sorted out a solution for our needs. After a lunch, we split tasks and we started working on it.

In the evening, we met with Dariusz Porowski and his buddies. It was an interesting meeting.

Second day

Second day started with Katy Shimizu’s(@kashimizMSFT) talk about Durable functions. It was so informative! She showed us not only how to use durable function but also how this stuff works behind.

Katy Shimizu

Then, we summarized what had been done day before and we continued our work.

In the evening there was held Dutch Azure Meetup where Thiago Almeida (@nzthiago) and Katy Shimizu had talks about serverless and Azure Functions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay till the end, because this time were scheduled as sightseeing in our calendars.

Thiago Almeida

Last day

In the last day we had to boost our work, because after a lunch we wanted to present our solution to all entrants.

During a presentation I said about business background behind our problem and how we solved it. I had a pleasure to share the stage with Arthur Erlendsson that was responsible for demo. I have to say that his presentation was epic!
Dariusz Parzygnat


It was a pleasure to be there. I met amazing people and I learned a lot!

I would like to thank everyone but especially:

  • Dariusz Porowski – gave us huge support in devops and Azure stuff.
  • Arthur Erlendsson – skilfull developer that showed me friendly site of React.
  • Katy Shimizu & Jeff Hollan – representatives of Azure Functions’ team that calmly answered all questions(even hard ones).
  • Lukasz Przerada – my friend – for that good time and all ideas for the future.

Out team

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