‘Serverless – dive into Azure Functions’ – April 2018

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‘Serverless – dive into Azure Functions’ background

In January, I together with Lukasz Przerada (@lukasz_przerada ) decided to put ourselves in for conducting a workshop. We asked devWarsztaty for help. devWarsztaty it is a great initiative hosted across Poland where a volunteer can share his knowledge with a community for free. Workshops are limited only by number of seats, so everyone is entitled to join!

We wanted to spread our knowledge about Azure Functions and serverless on Azure, so decision about a topic was clear. After figuring out the name: ‘Serverless – dive into Azure Functions’ – we got the show on the road.

Our first workshop was hosted in Wroclaw. We got really good notes from atendees, nevertheless some things could have went better. Knowing that, we made some changes and with additional confidence we asked devWarsztaty about next dates and venues annd… we got it!

Workshop in Warsaw

A devWarsztaty workshop usually lasts whole day (8 hours). In Warsaw it looked a bit different. Our workshop was one of the two hosted on devWarsztaty’s path during 4Developers conference. Because of that, we were limited to 4 hours. We didn’t want to skip a part about Durable Functions, so we cut off the time planned for the exercise. Despite that, our entrants dealt with a challenge and a lot of them finished main tasks. After we introduced Durable Functions, our time was over, so we gave a homework with a presented innovation.

'Serverless - dive into Azure Functions' during 4Developers
Photo from devWarsztaty during 4Developers

Workshop in Kraków

Our workshop in Kraków was held on Saturday. We had a whole day for our participants. As far as I’m concerned, it is appropriate time to feel a sense of Azure Functions and Azure serverless ecosystem. We had a cross-section of community e.g. we had an entrant that was working on project based on Azure Functions! She shared with us her thoughts and remarks. Because of the experience diversity, we had to adjust a level of difficulty. We provided 2 paths: one completely guided and second one unassisted. I think that it’s really good way for workshops because everyone can work on his own pace and without a pressure.

During the meeting we discussed an adoption of serverless. It was great we could get to know different points of view.

Additional, we asked attendees to rate the event. I have to show off that an average note of our workshop was 4,89/5!

'Serverless - dive into Azure Functions' in Kraków
Photo from devWarsztaty in Kraków


It was a great time! I met a lot of interesting and talented people! I got to know their opinions about serverless and Azure Functions. Last but not least, I learned that it is really rewarding to see participants’ gratitude and to hear simple ‘thank you’. After that I know it was worth it!

From my side, I would like to thank:

  • All participants – for their time and involvement.
  • Kuba Gutkowski – for a help with organizing all workshops.
  • Klaudiusz Bryja & Rafał Stępień – for great hosting in Kraków.
  • Bartek Kuźnicki – for help with Azure licenses. Thanks to them everyone could participate in our workshops.
  • Ceneo.pl – for great t-shirts for our entrants.

What’s next?

As I mentioned our workshop ‘Serverless – dive into Azure Functions’ was successfully tested on ‘production’ and it is ready for next events. So if you want to have a cool workshop about serverless and Azure Functions let us know! (if your workshop is free and open for local community we will do it for FREE (you have to pay only for our transport and an accommodation)). We can conduct it in Polish as well as in English.

Now it is time for a new challenge: Serverless Wrocław Meetup! First meeting will be on 14 May! I can’t wait for it!

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